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Hot and cool jobs in Columbus


Everything's hotter down in the South…literally.

The heat is overbearing and the weather doesn't seem like it'll cool down anytime soon…

News Leader 9's Sara Lim met with two different people with the coolest and the hottest jobs in Columbus.

One stays away from the sun inside a frozen yogurt store, while the other one works all day under the hot, blazing sun…and they both say heat is not that big of a problem when they work.

Dino Brooks, a construction worker at Pounds Construction Company, has been out working since 7:30 a.m. So far, Wednesday June 12 and Thursday June 13 have been the hottest days of this year.

While others are finding ways to stay cool from this painfully hot weather, Dino says heat doesn't slow him down. He says taking frequent breaks is the key to staying safe.

"We take a break when it gets too hot," Dino said. "The heat does not slow down our process!"

On the other hand, Emma Shelhorse, a manager at Chill Yogurt, says hot weather actually helps her business do tremendously well.

"We've actually been seeing growth in our's really fun!" Emma said. "When it's hot outside, that's when our business does well and when people come in to cool down."

Emma said she sold boxes of ice cold water bottles yesterday, all because of the heat.

"Well, apparently, it was really hot because with every yogurt we sold, we also sold water," Emma said. "I think we went through three boxes of water yesterday!"

Though Emma and her employees don't work outside, she says they still sweat often from consistently serving numbers of customers every day.

"We get a little bit hot but it's because we run around and try to keep everything full to keep our customers happy," Emma said.

Dino's been working at the same company for 20 years and he says he's used to the hot summers now.

"Rain or shine…we work!" Dino said.

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