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Opelika police arrest man in connection to car thefts, tips not to become a victim

Opelika Police have responded to a number of car break-ins this week and have arrested and charged 18-year-old Christopher Slay of Opelika in connection to the burglaries.

Reports have stemmed from Elliott Ave. to 11th Ave. and multiple thefts on Fitzpatrick Ave., leaving residents uneasy.

"I don't want to bother anybody's things, but you know it's a different world," says Opelika resident, Jenny Smith.

Reneka Harris was told by authorities that she was the ninth victim in these burglaries after her car was broken into sometime late Monday night.

"My door was open, but I thought I did it because I came in so late and then I noticed that my pocketbook wasn't in the back of the car," explains Harris.

Like Harris, victims reported wallets, electronics and jewelry missing from their cars, but most of the cases had one thing in common - the owners left their doors unlocked.

"It was unlocked and I'm locking them now and double checking myself basically," says Harris.

While it may be impossible to totally prevent a car break in, there are several tips to prevent you from becoming an easy target.

First, lock your doors. While this piece of advice should be a no-brainer, up to a quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars.

Next, place items that may look attractive to thieves in your trunk before arriving at your destination.

Also park your car for visibility. Park in a busy, well-lit area, and avoid concealment from larger vehicles.

"I'm not going to become a victim, I'm going to take all precautions," explains Smith.

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