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Should baseball players wear more protective gear?

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America's favorite pastime is now being considered a dangerous one. 

After the hard-hitting line drive this past weekend to Tampa Bay pitcher Alex Cobb, many are talking about whether pitchers need more protection while on the field. 

We caught up with Columbus State University head baseball coach Greg Appleton on the diamond Monday for the Georgia top 100 for high school players and asked how he feels about the possible change. 

Appleton says he has seen very few injuries among his players during the 16 years he's' been at CSU.

He told us while he understands a move towards safety, you also have to consider the player's ability to play.

We spoke with two high school baseball players and their parents as they were leaving the field at CSU.

The players did not seem open to the idea of more protective equipment; however, the parents certainly were.

The major league has considered lining caps with bulletproof Kevlar, the same type of material used in military helmets.

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