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Storybook Farm provides hope on horseback


Fun is the first order of business at Storybook Farm, along with physical and emotional therapy.

The exercise helps Henry Strickland strengthen his core and ease muscle tension from cerebral palsy.  Along with a plethora of physical benefits, kids gain acceptance, confidence and praise.

Storybook Farm is a faith-based equine therapy stable, situated just off 431 in east Alabama. The stable provides free programs to over 800 physical and special needs children, and their families.

"We are in the business of lifting kids up. A lot of our kids are told they can't play softball or can't play this or can't interact with their peers at school," said owner Dena Little. "Storybook Farm is a can do place."

Casey Barker's time at Storybook helps him as a college student at Kennesaw State.

"It does give me esteem but it gives me the leadership," Casey said.  

"The horses level the playing field for everyone, if it be physical, emotional, social they fill in the gaps beautifully," said Dena. "They are just friends without prejudice that just love unconditionally."  

You may recognize one volunteer, Ellie Silver of Auburn. The teen lost her leg back in 2011 in a golf cart accident when she stuck her foot out to save her younger sister from being crushed.

As soon as she was fitted for a prosthetic, she went to Storybook Farm to volunteer, and she is an amazing mentor for kids out there.

Storybook Farm is free to families and depends on donations.

For more information on Storybook Farm  and how you can get involved, please visit their official website.     

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