WTVM 6/20/13 Editorial: Alabama’s controversial new gun law

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Come August 1, every employer in Alabama will be affected by Act 283, commonly known as "guns in the parking lot act."

This new law enables employees to have a gun in a locked compartment in their car while at work.

It does not mean they can carry them in the work place or when they're ever at work, but it does mean they will have a right to lock and store them in their vehicle out of plain view.

It prohibits employers from prohibiting their workers from bringing guns into workplace parking lots as long as these conditions are met.

It is advised that employers adopt a written policy about workplace violence before August to make sure all employees understand procedures.

Every employer needs to consider developing a relationship now with local law enforcement before an issue of workplace violence ever arises.

Some Alabama officials noted that many Alabama companies spent large sums to recruit, for security reasons, and prohibit firearms on company property.

One representative argues we are basically changing a company's policy. The counter was that what they are doing is prohibiting a company from violating somebody's second amendment constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The bill had the support of the National Rifle Association but was opposed by the business council of Alabama.

I think this law is unfortunate. Not every company is the same, and some have very real reasons for prohibiting firearms.

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