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Shooting at BTW caught on surveillance tape


Police are looking for two suspects in a shooting at the Booker T. Washington apartments in Columbus.

It was a shooting all caught on tape.

A photo was taken at a convenience store across the street from where the shooting tool place. Witnesses and people living in the area say the young man goes in by the name "Twin" and is believed to have been living at this apartment complex a block away from where the shooting happened.

Brandi Scales lives in the area. She witnessed a suspect running across the street.

"This is like the second shoot out they had this month. Really they need to clean BTW up like they said they were going to do close it on down and get the old folks in there," she said.

The owner at Chico's Tint Shop caught the shoot-out on surveillance camera. He chased one of the suspects from Veterans Pwy to an apartment complex on 3rd Ave.

In the video, the suspect is seen wearing a white T-shirt. He leaves from a gas station where witnesses say he bought cigars. He crosses the street to BTW.

 The suspect starts to run after bullets are shot at him. He hides behind a building and draws weapons and then returns fire to the other suspect. He then crosses the street again. This is where the owner of Chico's Tint Shop went after the suspect. Police combed the area for bullet shells but they have yet to apprehend suspects.

Scales hopes that the event will inspire leaders in the community to speed up the process of revamping the area.

"It's mess over there. It's drugs and it's the older women bringing in the younger women and their children. They just need to clean it up over there."

No one was injured. If you have any information you are asked to call police at 706-635-3300.

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