Middle school GA girl kicked off football team

(WTVM) - A private Georgia middle school is being accused of discriminating against a student.

Last year, 11 year old Maddy Paige started at defensive end for the Strong Rock Christian School football team in Locust Grove.

Now, administrators are kicking her off the team because she's a girl.

"The coaches told me I did really well and that my teammates supported me and then all of a sudden them just taking that away from me...it really just sort of ... it's like taking my dream and throwing it in the trash," said Paige.

The athletic director says it's the school's policy that girls play girl sports and boys play boy sports.

But now, Paige's mom told 11alive that the school kicked her off because the boys will lust after her and think impure thoughts. She is trying to get the school to reconsider.

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