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Burglar steals batteries from every vehicle at Columbus mechanic's shop

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A Columbus mechanic has reported to police that a burglar has stolen the batteries from all of his customers' cars.

Gary Traywick, 50th Street Auto Repair, says it was the same guy all three times. 

The suspect cut a hole in the barb wire fence to gain access to the cars.

Surveillance video reveals that the suspect did not take all of the batteries in one night. He paid late night visits to the lot every day for a week, taking two batteries at a time.

Traywick tells police that the suspect did 1,000 dollars worth of damage to one of the cars while trying to take the battery out.

The shop's insurance deductible, says Traywick, is still too high to cover the damage.

"That's what happens when the price of batteries goes up," says Traywick. "The price of lead goes up, and the theft of batteries gets higher."

Burglar detectives are currently investigating these thefts. They are also still looking for the suspect who stole 14 catalytic converters from U-Haul trucks earlier this week.

Police say these crimes were committed by separate individuals and are not related.

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