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SAFE Shelter executive director reacts to Paula Deen racism scandal

Cheryl Branch Cheryl Branch

Cheryl Branch, executive director of SAFE Shelter, is speaking out about the Paula Deen controversy. Deen is on the board of directors for SAFE Shelter.

"Are you kidding? She is the most down to earth, generous, loving person. I think it is only small minded people who would take the littlest thing and use it against her. SAFE Shelter stands behind her 110 million percent. I don't know what we would have done without her," said Branch.

WTOC also asked her if she thinks Deen's ties to the shelter will impact future donations.

"Not at all, not at all. Because the people that support SAFE shelter, the people that know her, they love her that's unconditional and if anybody backed away they would be just as small minded as the people bringing this against her."

Branch says Deen has already agreed to host the shelter's annual fundraising event in December, and they're happy to have her on board.

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