WTVM 6/24/13 Editorial: The 100 Deadly Days of Summer

(WTVM) - It's summertime and that means fun in the sun and long, hazy days by the pool.  It's also vacation time and that means more cars on the roads creating the potential for accidents and injuries.

In fact, public safety officials call the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day "the 100 Deadly Days of Summer," the time when accidents usually go up because of the rise in highway traffic.

In early June, three teenagers from one Russell County family were killed when the driver of their SUV fell asleep at the wheel and crashed along Highway 431.

The family of seven was returning home from a trip to Panama City Beach. Tragically, the crash happened just 15 minutes from their home.

Safety experts say the majority of accidents happen within 50 miles of home and during this summer period in particular, most are alcohol or speed related.

Couple that with more distracted drivers on cell phones and more teens out of school and on the roads, and you see why it can be a dangerous time.

We urge everyone to play it safe on the roads: don't drink and drive, wear your seat belt and if you find yourself drowsy behind the wheel, pull over and take a break.

Remember summer is supposed to be fun. Let's start by making it safe.

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