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EXCLUSIVE: Auburn City Council member speaks out about grandsons’ rape charges


Auburn City Council member Arthur Dowdell spoke to News Leader 9 exclusively about two of his grandsons being arrested for first degree rape.

Dowdell says the incident, which is under investigation, happened inside his home while he and his wife were on a church trip.

Councilmen Dowdell says he is devastated. He's played a big part in raising his grandsons 18-year-old Jywan Moss and 21-year-old Drekian Dowdell.

He does not believe they are guilty of first degree rape, but says it will be up to a jury to decide.

Dowdell says he believes the sex was consensual and the victim's age was questionable.

According to the police report, however, the two are accused of forcibly raping a juvenile against the victim's will back on June 12.

The victim does not live at the home, owned by councilmen Dowdell and his wife.

"I told the police department to do what they had to do, I am a city council member and they needed to do their job to see if anything improper was going on in my home and I got them the keys to my home and told them to check on it," said Dowdell.

Auburn police say councilmen Dowdell was instrumental in getting his grandsons to turn themselves in by taking them to the police department.      

Both of his grandsons remain behind bars at the Lee County Detention Facility.  So far they have not made bond.

Meanwhile, just last week councilmen Dowdell claimed there was racism inside Auburn schools, the Auburn Fire Department and the Auburn Police Department because of the lack of African Americans in leadership roles.

He says those charges have nothing to do with the arrests of his grandsons; in fact, he says the Auburn Police Department has done a good job with the rape investigation.

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