City of Auburn supports affordable housing

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - As the housing market improves and more homes become available to the public, the City of Auburn is continuing to help those most in need by providing safe and affordable housing funded by a Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG.

"Every year at public meetings we hear from the citizens that there's an ongoing need for public housing in Auburn," explains Todd White, City of Auburn's Housing and Community Specialist. "So we're trying to supply and provide a modest size home at an inexpensive price that can be financed through the local banks and finance companies."

The City has partnered with the North Auburn Housing Development Corporation and created the Northwest Village Subdivision off Foster Street.

Twenty homes in the neighborhood have been sold, with two under contract.

Two homes are still for sale and there are five lots in the subdivision on which additional homes will be built.

Interested residents can apply through the City's Community Development Division.

"We are looking for applicants that fall below 80 percent of the medium income. So we income qualify all applicants and the applicants we work with will be mortgage ready because they go to lenders and sure mortgage for 80 percent of the cost of the home and right now the homes are $86,000," says White.

Billy Jackson has been a resident of the Northwest subdivision for over two and a half years.

"I went to Mr. White about the housing and he told me a lot of good things about it," Jackson says. "He told me what I had to do, so I went through the process and here I am."

Jackson says he enjoys living in a safe and quiet home where neighbors have become family.

"It is great living in Auburn," Jackson says. "It was a great opportunity for me and I appreciate everything and I enjoy living here."

To see if you qualify for affordable housing through the Community Development Division, log onto the City of Auburn's website.

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