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Coming Up Tonight on Newsleader 9 at 11

Good evening I'm Barbara Gauthier in the WTVM Newsroom.  We hope you'll join us tonight for Newsleader 9 at 11.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on.

     A Lee County man has been missing from his Smiths Station home for nearly two months.  Tonight his wife sits down with Newsleader 9's Curtis McCloud as she continues her desperate search for answers.

    A tragic story in Florida after a three year old boy died inside a hot car while his parents attended a funeral.  We'll tell you how a tragic logistical mix-up led to the child's death.

    Two grandsons of Auburn City Councilman Arthur Dowdell are in jail tonight charged with raping an underage girl.   We spoke exclusively with the councilman about the charges, hear what he had to say.

   And it was the first day of court proceeding in Sanford, Florida for the neighborhood watchman accused of murdering an unarmed 17 year old.  We'll tell you what happened as the trial for George Zimmerman got underway.

Join us for those stories and much more tonight on Newsleader 9 at 11.    



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