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Recent College Graduates Learn to Pay Own Cell Phone Bills

Recent college graduates are experiencing life on their own and that includes paying their own bills for some of them.

Once graduates toss their caps many will be leaving mom and dad's cell phone plan behind.

Jake Anthony, with AT&T said after graduation is always a busy time.

Anthony said, "I am sure the graduates want me to say stay on the family plan and the parents would love to see them leave the plan. It really comes down to the situation. It all boils down to the money.

Mom and dad are no longer paying the bill and students will have to keep track of their phone usage and find a plan that works.

Anthony explained, "They are really no different than any other consumer. When they are going to shop for wireless service they need to ask themselves a couple of questions, how do you plan on using that phone and what is your budget."

To help find what works for you, phone companies have resources like online data calculators that allows you to figure out your monthly charges.

Anthony said, "We can go in and we can help identify by number of emails, web pages, social media usage about the approximate data usage that will have.

There are so many plans and price points so do your home work to find the right fit.

Anthony commented, "The major thing to factor in, is how much data you think you'll use.

"Never under estimate how you are going to use your wireless phone. I challenge our customers to be inquisitive on new products and services that are out there. It's not just your standard voice phone anymore", said Anthony.

A pre paid card may also be a good option.

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