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Lee Co. set to repair neighborhood roads


Pearl Burch has lived in her home in the Brentwood subdivision off of Lee County Road 166 in Opelika for over 20 years.

The road her home sits on is filled with pot holes, making it unsafe for her to even travel down the street in her wheelchair.

"There is a lot of corrosion around the driveway and tires are blown when you hit it a certain way," explains Burch. "I've had problems when taking my trash to the dump and I didn't realize it was so bad, it knocked me out of my wheelchair."

Lee County officials say the requests of residents have been ignored because of a lack of revenue the County had to repave roads and fix drainage issues.

However, all of that is about to change.

The county has applied for grant money through Alabama Department of Transportation to repair 15 bridges and 20 miles of major roads, leaving local money for smaller subdivisions.

"Lee County is on a 55 year resurfacing schedule, which means your road will get repaved once every 55 years," says Lee County District 4 Commissioner Robert Ham. "That's not acceptable to us and that's not acceptable to the citizens and we're doing our best to do something about that. Fortunately, through this grant program that state has made available we are able to do something about it." 

Construction will start in Brentwood community and nearby neighborhoods after the Fourth of July holiday and will cost the county around $250,000.

"The reason we're doing so many at one time is if we bundle all these roads together and put it in one bid, the more roads we do with the process that we're using, we get a better price and the price has gone down significantly enough that we felt like we could put these other roads in there and get them done also," explains Ham.

Burch is just glad the decade long battle is over and something is being done.

"We've called, we've wrote letters, we've done everything so we're just really excited about all of it," Burch said.

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