WTVM 7/1/13 Editorial: Don’t leave your children, pets in hot cars

(WTVM) - We've all experienced it around here: your car sits and bakes in the sun, then you get into the car and it feels like an oven.

With the temperatures rising this summer, we need to keep in mind how vital it is to not leave your children or pets in that hot car. If it's in the 90s outside, then it's soaring way above 100 degrees inside the car.

There are too many examples of tragedy. Last month, a 3-year-old boy died inside a car in the Florida sun, while his parents attended a funeral, all because of a simple miscommunication.

Twenty children have died from heat exposure in Georgia in the last 15 years. Just a few minutes in a hot vehicle can mean the difference between life and death for boys and girls.

You may not realize that a child's body temperature rises three to five times faster than that of an adult. We know parents are busy these days and can be forgetful.

Authorities say you may even leave your children in the car without thinking about it, so their advice is to put one of your shoes or maybe a purse next to your child in the backseat.

It may sound silly, but do whatever it takes to remind you to take your son or daughter with you – it may save their life!

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