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Travelers Become Targets During Holiday


A lot of people will be taking mini vacations for the Fourth of July, but just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you should let your guard down.

According to a new study, Alabama has some of the best beaches in the country.

Ed Honeycutt works at AAA in Columbus and said, "It's just a good way to get away in the summer time and kids love to get in the water."

Honeycutt explained the gulf coast is a hot destination along with Florida and the Georgia coast.

He said the economy is getting better and folks want to travel.

"So people are working away from the staycations and moving out to some of our more popular destinations," commented Honeycutt.

They said people are choosing driving over flying.

He said, "You're probably going to be hitting the road instead of the skies because it is a shorter holiday instead of trying to run up and catch a flight somewhere and come back."

Even though a person is on vacation he or she still needs to be careful.

Lindsey Epperly is a luxury travel consultant and said that's when thieves strike.

She said, "You have to understand when you travel people look at your as an easy target a lot of times."

Epperly explained that a person should be aware of recent scams.

A top travel scam hitting hotels is the fake front desk call.

In the middle of the night, the phone rings and the person on the other line says there's been a glitch and they need to verify credit card information you have on file, but it's not the front desk.

She said, "The fake front desk call, I think you need to use your common sense when you travel honestly I think if someone is going to call you at a different hour and ask you for personal information it's probably not from your hotel."

Epperly also suggests researching destinations and know the laws of each country.

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