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Have a blast without fireworks on the Fourth of July


The Fourth of July means hot dogs, burgers and fireworks for many people. However, Chattahoochee Valley residents are having to find ways to celebrate the Fourth of July without the fireworks show.

The area had warm, sunny weather for the past few Independence Day celebrations. 2005 was the last time Columbus received rain on the Independence Day.

It is disappointing for some people to celebrate the holiday without the blazing firework shows, but many are keeping the Fourth of July spirits high by participating in alternative activities. The majority of the people who visited the movie theater enjoyed lunch and dinner in restaurants, and also went on a shopping spree.

"We went shopping, but we are going to have barbeque tonight," says Latrice Palmer, a Columbus resident. "It's sad to know that we will not get to see the fireworks tonight, but at least I still get to spend time with my family and enjoy great food."

"We don't mind having the fireworks canceled or rescheduled," says PFC Joshua Chase. "We can still enjoy the holiday by watching movies."

The rain is particularly inconvenient for people in basic training who have the holiday off, but do not have their own transportation.

"After we walk around and enjoy Columbus for a little bit, Joshua and I will have to go back for training," explains PFC Manuel Chavez. "We are enjoying our time here, and Fourth of July has been nice so far. Just taking some time off is good enough for us."

"I will be working tonight, so it doesn't matter to me if we do or don't have the firework shows," Liz Grantham explained.

Other creative ways Chattahoochee Valley residents are celebrating this evening include grilling outside in the rain, using glow sticks, baking a red, white and blue cake, shooting a potato gun across a lake, chili cook-offs, and playing board games.

No matter what games or activities families and friends might engage in for the Fourth of July, it is always important to remember the foundation of the Independence Day are sacrifice, courage and freedom.

Although celebrating the holiday without fireworks might be disappointing for multiple people, remembering the true meaning of the Fourth of July will inevitably help people appreciate the Fourth.

The firework shows in the area have been rescheduled. Click here to see the new dates and times these events will take place.

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