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Chattahoochee Valley residents respond to Monona, WI bullying ordinance

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A new city ordinance in Monona, Wisconsin went into effect recently allowing police to ticket parents of children who get caught bullying other kids on multiple occasions.

A first offense of this parent liability clause, as the ordinance is called, carries a $114 fine. Subsequent violations carry fines of $177 each.

We asked our viewers on the WTVM website and Facebook page whether or not we should have similar laws in Georgia and Alabama. 84 percent of you said  yes, while 16 percent said no.

Lynn Pollock says, "We definitely should! Bullying has gotten way out of hand. The fines should be higher than those listed."

Matthew Williams says, "We need it here, especially knowing that most children learn bullying from their parents… This way the parents would more likely act if they had a fine to pay."

On the other hand, Christy Sargent says, "I'm not so sure this is the answer. I seems every law of this type, when implemented, ends-up taking more away from the people than actually helping the problem."

Jeff Smith says, "Laws don't change behavior and bullying is a problem in schools, not in the adult world. Are we going to be fining children? This is a waste of taxpayers' money."

To participate in the opinion poll, locate this quesion on the WTVM homepage.

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