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Fireworks outlets stay afloat amid flash flood warnings


Professional fireworks displays are being canceled left and right due to storm clouds that are downright unpatriotic.

 "I don't like the rain because it ruined the fireworks shows," said Madison Cobb.

 Now it's up to the die-hard fans of our nation's birthday to pick up the slack.  Vendors say they've hardly noticed a drop in sales due to the weather.

 Big Mama of Big Mama's Fireworks said, "They've been pretty good, not quite as much as what we mostly would have, but pretty good.  The rain's not stopping them.  They're mostly from everywhere- Georgia mostly though- I hate to say that." 

 According to Big Mama, attempts are being made to legalize the big explosives in Georgia, which would take a bite out of her solid selling position on the border.

 "I am definitely against it, but they are working on doing that maybe next year or the year after.  I hope not, but that's what I hear."

 One of the Georgia residents making the 4th of July pilgrimage to Alabama is Americus native, Leonard Pope- the NFL contender and former Georgia Bulldog.

 "It's flooded man, but people are still coming in.  We drove here all the way from Americus, Georgia, like we do every year, and we're still coming in.  I just made my annual trip up to Big Mama's and you know, they are family right here.  They've got monitors up to show you what the fireworks actually do before you buy them.  It might be raining, but we're still out here.

 And speaking of celebrities, who could forget one of the most prominently featured faces in local fireworks, Wanda Lamb a.k.a. The Bang Bang Lady.

 "We have the Biggen, which is a huge box that's got a bunch of stuff in it. The Fourth of July is all about barbecue and fireworks," said Lamb.

 With flash flood warnings throughout the region, the time honored tradition is under attack, but don't expect a quiet evening just yet.

 Some fireworks will still do their job in the wet weather.  Big Mama said you can light them in anything short of a heavy downpour. 

The major outlets are reporting sales of up to a couple thousand dollars at a time and most of those purchases are being made by people who are shopping today, knowing full well that it is raining.

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