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South Columbus break-ins put neighbors on edge


A crack in Tambra Robinson's window serves as a constant reminder to what lengths burglars would go to in order to get their hands on others' valuables. 

"They busted the window, they took the screen down, and they cut this screen and was actually chiseling at the window there," Robinson said. 

This happened almost a year ago, and on Wednesday morning a similar incident happened here at her neighbors home down the street. 

"I feel like there are people who kind of watch and come in the neighborhood and, you know, maybe break in," Robinson said. 

Several neighbors who witnessed the break in at this Calhoun drive home on Wednesday did not want to go on camera. We were told that a gun was waved in their faces and they were threatened if they called the cops. 

Robinson told us that the area has a strong neighborhood watch group. She recalls her daughter seeing a break-in happen not too far from their home. 

"They came between this path here between the house and the next road. She seen the guys but didn't have any idea that they had just broke into the house behind me, " Robinson said. 

Police reports say a group of about seven to eight men kicked in the front door of the home and took almost $2,000 in merchandise. They were driving a green and tan 2000 Ford Windstar Van.

If you have any information on this crime you are asked to call Columbus Police. That number is 706-653-3400. 

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