Furloughs affect Ft. Benning, commissary now open all week

Furloughs affect Ft. Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - UPDATE: The Department of Defense announces changing furlough days for civilian employees from 11 to six over the next few weeks.

The Ft. Benning commissary will now be open a full seven days in light of a reduction in the number of furlough days.

Starting August 19 the commissary will go from being closed Mondays to being open all week.


Federal spending cuts stemming from the March sequester will mean major furloughs at the Pentagon.

650,000 defense department employees will be on the furlough starting Monday, July 8th. This includes around 4,000 at Ft. Benning.

Civilian Pentagon workers will be forced to take one unpaid day off each week through Sept. 21st.

This will equal a 20% reduction in their income.

$85 billion in federal spending kicked off March 1st. Ft. Benning commander Jeffrey Fletcher says the actions taken against the civilians will be felt by everyone across the army at Ft. Benning.

"My greater concern, to be honest with you, is those employees that are being furloughed. I think mission-wise, we'll figure out a way to work through the effects of the furlough. We really want to make sure that our civilian workforce, number one, understands what the situation is and can get answers to their questions, and that they can manage through this process," says Fletcher.

The furloughs could slow the delivery of much needed supplies to troops.

Some civilian jobs are exempt, including childcare providers and medical specialists.

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