SPECIAL REPORT: Candy Crush proves that it pays to play

SPECIAL REPORT: Candy Crush proves that it pays to play

(WXTX) - The music puts them in a trance.

Stacy Snerling and Amber Fachaud are what you'd call serious gamers. But when it comes to Candy Crush Saga, admittedly, they are hooked.

"I hear the music and I automatically go to the person who is playing it," says Snerling.

Fachaud says it is a tune you don't forget.

Tiffany Sicard says it helped her relax during her pregnancy. More than a year later, she's still crushing.

"It kind of helps slow you down and helps you rest. That's how I rest at night," she says.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top three most downloaded smart phone apps. More than 33 million people are fans on Facebook.

After a few games in a row, players have to wait another 20 minutes to play again, unless they pay 99 cents for extra lives.

Sicard shared her receipts with us. It shows that she has spent almost $100 on extra moves, lives, and special candies in the past year.

Snerling is well past level 300.

Players can sweeten the board with a few extras like a coconut wheel that helps you win by creating a "sugar rush". But in some cases, players have to purchase that extra help.

"I'll spend a few dollars to get past a level or I'll buy some of the boosters or the extra tricks they give you so to make the level easier," says Snerling.

It can really add up.

Psychologist Dr. Bryan Gros compares it to using a credit card to make a purchase.

"Even though you're spending money, you're not physically forking over the money. I wouldn't be surprised if people had statements upwards of $100, $200 or more per month," Gros says.

Sicard admits she uses multiple devices just so she can keep playing.

These ladies say, for them, it's just a harmless distraction, even if it means paying to play.

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