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Dept. of Revenue agents impersonated across Georgia


A Columbus gas station clerk was approached by two men carrying guns and badges, but investigators tell News Leader 9 they were not real law enforcement officers.

It happened at the BP Gas Station on Buena Vista Road near the Interstate exit.  The clerk told police the armed men represented themselves as State Department of Revenue Agents. 

Right now, investigators don't know what these impersonators were trying to achieve or why they chose the Department of Revenue as their cover.

Deputy commissioner Sean Casey said in a statement that the suspects enter stores asking to inspect the coin-operated gaming machines, and "the reports received indicate these individuals are armed, but when asked for official identification, they make an excuse and leave the premises."

Witnesses said the men left in a car with North Carolina plates.

Casey said the issue has become a state-wide investigation. He confirms that agents from his department do sometimes carry firearms.

Police in the Macon area reported a similar incident just last month where two men pretended to be Department of Revenue agents, but officials believe they are not the same ones who were seen in Columbus.  This means at least four men are involved in this scheme.

The owner of the BP gas station in Columbus said he's gotten rid of all the gaming machines in his store following this incident.

Officials are convinced that this is not a misunderstanding. These are definitely fake agents and a real crime has been committed.

Coin-operated amusement machines have often made headlines over the past year as the subject of undercover police raids when they are operated unlawfully.

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