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Columbus animal rights advocates challenge shooting practice poster featuring dog


Animal rights activists in the Chattahoochee Valley area are challenging an optional image for target practice at Shooters of Columbus. 

The image portrays an angry attack dog that appears to be a pit bull.

Brenda Steele, an avid pit bull advocate, says the poster encourages the stereotype that pit bulls are vicious animals. "I know several other animal advocates in the area agree," she says. "They all think it should be taken down. It should not be available to the public."

Jon McMullen, Owner of Shooters of Columbus, says four of his own five dogs are rescue dogs. "I've been a dog lover my entire life," he says. "I don't feel that having a printed piece of paper with a dog on it is any way inhumane, nor does it desensitize anybody or anything else. This is a standard law enforcement target."  

Other target practice images at Shooters of Columbus include menacing-looking humans, and zombies.

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