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Rain brings good and bad for Chattahoochee Valley farmers


According to WTVM's Meteorologist Derek Kinkade, Columbus has received less than five inches of rain from June 1 to July 11 since 2009.

The average rain Georgia receives in the period from June 1 to July 11 is about 5.3 inches. Furthermore, Columbus has received 11.8 inches of rain in 2013. Compared to the last four years, Columbus has received three times as much rain in 2013.

Ira Meyers, a farmer who works for Georgia's Finest Organic Farm, explained that he is glad to experience the rainy days, because Georgia has struggled through drought for the last few years. While rain is like a blessing from God, Meyers also explained that it brought other problems as well.

"Some crops should not be over-watered," says Meyers. "Tomatoes and squashes do not thrive well in extremely moist environment."

Meyers also added that squashes are his most popular crops, so he worries about the fungus and insects that form around the crops due to the still water and rain.

While Meyers can save more on water bills, he says he's working hard to find ways to protect his crops the natural way. Since he works at a certified organic farm, Meyers cannot use pesticides and other chemicals. Meyers explained that one of the surest ways to help prevent rain from hurting crops is to have drainage system.

"Farmers can have a less chance for the plants to get diseases and other bacteria, if they can implant proper drainage," Meyers said.

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