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AL cracking down on private school laws

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An Alabama law that has been on the books for years is now being enforced bystate administrators. Many private schools will now be required to apply for alicense in order to continue operating.

Administrators met with headmasters on Thursday, July 11, to explain therequirements.

Before the state will grant the school a license, private schools mustsubmit documentation proving that their teachers are certified, and theiracademic curriculum meets appropriate standards.

State administrators say they want students to receive top-notch education.Dennis Coe, Director of Supporting Programs, says, "We're here to helpwith education and help oversee and help make sure the children are protectedand getting the education they so deserve."

Private schools that have been nationally accredited since 1984 are notrequired to apply for a license.

Schools associated with churches are also not required to apply as long asthey can provide contact information and proof that they are part of anexisting church.

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