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Police suspect fowl play when fugitive flies the coop


Detectives were called in to assist in the capture of a fugitive that hitched a ride in a police vehicle from a nearby county to Richmond Police Headquarters. The fugitive also happens to be a country hen.

According to the Richmond Police Department Facebook page, the hen hid under the hood of Sgt. Flippo's vehicle, then jumped out when she was in the police parking deck.

After a brief pursuit, the hen holed up underneath the Forensics van. Police attempted to negotiate with the hen during the standoff using Combos treats but could not convince the suspect to turn herself in.

Police called in Warrants Sgt. Lin Tyler and Officer Kim Pulley, considered experts in this field, to extract the hen from her hiding place. Officer Pulley was successfully able to reach the hen and bring her out. No one was injured during the incident.

The hen was promptly put in a box. No word yet if she made bond.

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