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Woman warns about potential Craigslist job scam


Laura Lesch is no stranger to using Craigslist to find a job. In fact, she says that she's landed several legitimate interviews from the popular web site.

However, a recent job she applied for almost made her the victim of a scam that could have cost thousands of dollars. 

"This time they sent me a check and a letter with more steps to take in order for the check to be good," Lesch said. 

Lesch says she applied for the job and never heard word that she had gotten the position. Later, she received a letter and check for more than $2,000. It wasn't the check that tipped her off, but the wording of the letter.

"The grammar is not good, there is no return address on the envelope, and I never responded to them after they emailed me. They got my email address from my resume," Lesch said.  

Though the checked looked enticing to Laura, who has been out of work since December of last year, she decided not to cash it. 

"I was afraid to, because I thought if they could do this, can they hack my computer and get my information from my computer? So I did not respond." 

We found these tips on the FBI's website: When it comes to handling online transactions, be cautious when dealing with Businesses outside of the United States. Learn as much as possible about the company, especially if the only information you have is an e-mail address.

Lesch says she is always on the lookout, because these days you just can't trust anyone.

"Be very very careful when you are on the Internet. I don't care if you are looking for a job. I don't care what you are doing. Be careful." 

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