Ga. woman fears for her life after inmate mistakenly released from prison

(WTVM) - Katherine Richie says she fears for her life because of a "communication breakdown" between two states.

The man she helped prosecutors put away is on the run. Robert Craig Sandman is wanted by Duluth Police and the State of Georgia.

However, New Mexico authorities let him walk out of Sandoval County Jail two months ago.

Richie is Sandman's ex-girlfriend.

"The abuse started right away. Once he was in, I couldn't figure out how to get out," she says.

Sandman was released from a Georgia prison in March. Two days later, 57 year old Donald Singer was found dead in his garage. Singer was one of Richie's neighbors.

Singer's prized Porsche was gone.

Within days, Duluth Police named Sandman was a person of interest in Singer's death. In early April, New Mexico authorities located him and the stolen Porsche. He went to jail, but not for long.

"The sheriff's department was never notified that he was ready to be picked up. And as the clock was ticking 20 days later, they released him," says Richie.

Duluth Police say they frequently checked in on Sandman's extradition status. Yet, two months passed before they realized he was released. They say it was New Mexico's responsibility to contact the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department.

Richie says no one bothered to call her either, and she found out on the internet that he had been released.

As for the family of Donald Singer, police called them last week. They say they are devastated that the little peace of mind they had after the death of their father is gone.

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