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Columbus City Council addresses funding for revitalization efforts


The Columbus City Council held a work session in their new Council Chambers today, July 16. Finances were the main focus on the agenda.

The Home Rehab Program, which helps fix houses that are considered substandard, is in need of more funds. 

The Director of Reinvestment addressed the Council with concerns for the future of the Home Rehab Program. It is funded by HUD, which has several regulations guiding the way money is spent. Administrative costs are high.

The Council is now trying to decide if the Home Rehab Program is still the best option for revitalizing the city.

"What we're trying to do is make certain that the taxpayers dollars and resources we have at our disposal are used in a program to benefit the most citizens, and not go to pay unnecessary or exorbitant administrative costs," says Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Mayor Tomlinson also says that Columbus is going to put the HUD program on hold for a year, finish the projects already in progress, and then re-evaluate the program.

Houses are not the only things in need of repair in Columbus. The Council also addressed the plan for improving roads and bridges with T-SPLOST funds.

According to Mayor Tomlinson, the Council is deciding if they should go ahead and spend the money now to make repairs, or put the funds in a reserve and wait until next year to make decisions on which roads and bridges need improving.

"We have some bridges in need of repair in the community," says Tomlinson, "Some that are concerning to our staff, and they would like to go ahead and move forward with those bridge repairs as quickly as possible so we can get fire trucks, school buses and garbage trucks over those bridges and service those communities in the way they need to be."

The Mayor says these issues will be discussed more at the next council meeting.

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