Armed school security coming to east Alabama school

Armed school security coming to east Alabama school

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - An east Alabama private school is turning to the city of Auburn – more specifically its police department –  in an effort to provide their students, teachers and staff with armed police security.

Lee Scott Academy has agreed to pay the city to hire an additional school resource officer to watch over their students during the school year.

Starting this fall, the halls of the academy will be crowded with nearly 700 pre-k through 12th graders.

For the first time in the private school's history, an armed Auburn city police officer will be on campus to protect them.

If approved by the Auburn City Council, Lee Scott parents will pay $70 per student to fund the $45,000 a year position.

"That's the first thing parents expect, I have children here I expect as a parent that my kids can be safe when they come to school every day," said Bobby Samford with Lee Scott Academy.

Samford says the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook certainly got their attention and got them thinking about ways they can protect their students, teachers and staff even better.

The school resource officer is the main aspect of a larger safety plan being embraced by Lee Scott.

We understand the city will vote on the issue Tuesday night, and it is expected to be approved.

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