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Serial robbery suspect nabbed by Mesa PD

Laura Godfrey heard the rustling of pots and pans in her kitchen at 4:15 am Tuesday. She figured it was her husband getting ready for work, so she hit the snooze button on her alarm clock and went back to sleep.

When she woke again ten minutes later, the noise downstairs continued. Then she realized her husband was not the one downstairs, he was still asleep next to her in bed.

"I was freaking out," Godfrey said. "I told him (her husband) wake up. There's someone downstairs in the kitchen."

Tyler Day, 28, had been out for a productive crime spree, according to Mesa Police officials. Day honed in on a dense area of condos near Dobson and Baseline, where he was going from door to door checking to see if anyone had left their home unlocked.

When Day reached the Godfrey's back patio, he was able to glide right inside because the latch on the sliding patio door was broken.

It's like your worst nightmare," said Godfrey. "What you're always afraid of, and it's actually happening."

The Godfrey's 4-year-old daughter was also asleep upstairs, when Day allegedly entered the condo and started rifling through the family's kitchen cabinets. He even turned on the lights to help himself see better.

Godfrey's husband immediately sprang into action.

"He came downstairs and yelled at the guy. And our neighbors over here had already called the cops," she said.

The intruder ran towards the way he came in, towards the back patio door, only to see several Mesa P.D. uniformed officers waiting outside. He then did a 180 and ran out the front door. Police were also stationed there, and quickly took Day into custody.

"They said he was high. Really high. And my husband said you could see it in his face, how high he was," said Godfrey.
Police found Day's vehicle still running, parked on a sidewalk a short distance away. Inside, police found additional stolen items, drugs and weapons. Officers charged him with five different vehicle and residential burglaries Tuesday morning, but believe he may be connected to others.

Godfrey was satisfied, yet perplexed with items Day allegedly had stolen from her condo.

"He took 4 watches that were broken, a broken iPod, my car keys, a bolt, a three dollar off haircut coupon, a (lottery) scratcher," said Godfrey. "It was still the scariest thing that has ever happened to me in my life."
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