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Kids burglarize school, retrieve confiscated video games from principal's office


A local principal told 911 to send police because burglars were breaking into his school.  Somehow, David Jones, the principal of Phenix City Elementary, knew to send help even though he was over 200 miles away at an educational conference in Mobile.

Police arrested four juveniles at the building on Railroad Street late Monday night. Superintendent Larry DiChiara explained how the principal used an iPad to see cameras inside the school.

Jones first received a call from the alarm company telling him a security sensor had been activated, but he didn't know it was a real burglary until he checked his Night Owl Lite application.

Looking at a camera feed transmitted straight to his mobile device, Jones told dispatchers to send police because children broke into his school.

"So he recognized where they were immediately, that's where the teachers' mailboxes were and so forth.  Then he told the police, yes, they're in the building, and they're right outside my office," said DiChiara.

Superintendent DiChiara believes the burglars are current students at the school, and the youngest is possibly 9 years old.

Authorities said they broke in through a back window and went straight for the principal's office on a mission to retrieve the toys and video games the principal confiscated throughout the school year.

The four boys also damaged several surveillance cameras and knocked over bookshelves within the building.

Superintendent DiChiara said administrators may not have known to send police if they didn't see juveniles inside the building with their own eyes.

"Our alarms go off all the time.  Take the high school - we have night janitors, we have coaches coming in at all hours of the night from ball games, we have people constantly in and out of our schools from so many different places, and not always are they quick to get the alarm turned off.  We get calls all the time."

The cameras have been so useful in the school buildings, the district is planning to install the same remotely accessible software in the school bus cameras as well.

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