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Valley woman speaks after being held at gunpoint


Anger is running through Valley resident Cory Cook's veins after this motherof two became a victim of the attempted robbery and kidnapping that took placein Valley, Ala. on Wednesday, June 17.

"This was the most traumatic experience I've had thus far," saysCook.

Cook was enjoying one of her few days off. After returning to her home on61st Street from morning errands, she saw a man on a bike who lookedsuspicious.

The man approached her asking to use her phone and Cook refused.

"Next thing I know he is standing there with a gun pointed to myface," explains Cook, "All of that was kind of a blur mostly. All Iremember is him telling me to shut up a million times, and then it lead intogetting in the truck."

Their interaction lasted around six minutes, but then the suspect fled whena neighbor drove by, giving Cook time to run.

"Your life really flashed before your eyes. At that moment I didn'tknow what to do; I didn't know what to say. I told him to take my purse and togo," states Cook.

The suspect approached a second victim just a block away on 23rd Avenue,again, asking a woman to use her phone.

When she refused, the man struck her with his gun and fled.

Thankfully both women are in good condition, but now police need your helplocating the suspect.

He is described as a black male in his early 20s, between 5'6 and 5'9 inheight, with a slender build and short hair.

He was last seen wearing dark shorts and royal blue shirt with multicoloreddesigns on front.

"Never mind that my 8-year-old is scared now. He doesn't even want towalk the dog. Never mind the face that he had a gun in my face, but he justmade life so much more hectic, and we were at the end of all this, we werefinally seeing the light and he has just taken it all away," explainsCook.

Cook is thankful the outcome was not worse, but with her sense of securitygone, she is considering taking necessary safety precautions to protect her andher family.

"I don't carry pepper spray, I'm not familiar with guns, but I'm goingto reconsider everything."

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