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Back to School Spending Tips

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With school about to start soon for many students, now's the time to think about back-to-school shopping.

According to a new survey from the National Retail Federation, eight in 10 school shoppers say economic conditions will change their spending in some way.

The first day of school can bring on anxiety, especially in the budgeting department.

Cautious consumers plan to spend about eight percent less this year on school supplies, according to the National Retail Federation.

We spoke with Ricky Haynes, a local financial advisor with Edward Jones, and he confirmed consumers are spending more cautiously in all areas of life.

He stressed any dollar you save should be put into another area of your budget or into savings and of course, always have a plan.

 "You know, take advantage of tax-free weekend and you know, here again, just definitely have a plan, a set dollar amount that you are going to spend before you leave the house and go to that shopping center or wherever you're going to spend," said Haynes. "Don't take a debit card or a credit card because when you start swiping that card, there's no way you can track the amount of money you spend."

Parents we spoke with say they did not have a specific plan but try to save for what they need.

 "I am waiting for any sales that I see and I also I've been big into coupons this year!" said Gabina Ramroop. "So I've been looking out for coupons for back to school deals or specials or buy one get one free."

 "Well we just try to stick to our list and only get what we have to get and we don't really plan for it, we just do what we can," said Elizabeth Cassidy.

For those who may be wondering where to start with a family budget, there are many financial services companies including Edward Jones that offer budget consultations free of charge. 

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