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Phillips signs $17,000 contract to be assistant superintendent


Superintendent John Phillips signed a $17,000 contract to stay for five more weeks while the next superintendent gets adjusted. 

Phillips' contract states that he will receive a little over $17,00 to stay on through the month of August. Phillips says while he's received harsh criticism about his salary, it's not about the money. 

"I've served here on a salary that was less than I made when I was here and I was willing to do that because it wasn't about the money, it was about helping the school district," Phillips said.  

When he first began as interim-Superintendent, Phillips made $17,206.40 per month. His pay dropped to $8,431 per month last October when he became part-time. 

Many board members agreed with the cause because it had been done before when Phillips was first brought in to serve as Superintendent himself. 

"Dr. Boushoun stayed on and served in that capacity. Now I'm going to only do this for August then I will be out of here," Phillips said. 

Phillips is setting the stage for David Lewis, who is the sole finalist in the 15-month-long Superintendent search who, according to Board Chair Rob Varner, had no problem with Phillips staying on.

In a recent interview at his home in Florida, he said that he was eager to start work.

"I'm hoping that Columbus will see that I am the right fit and I certainly feel like Columbus is the right fit for me, otherwise I would not have applied or pursued the position," Lewis said. 

There is no word on where the funds for the assistant superintendent position will come from. School board officials said there was only money in the budget for the superintendent position. 

Superintendent finalist David Lewis' contract is expected to be voted on by the board at special called meeting on Tuesday July 23 at 12 p.m. 

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