Pedestrian hit by Columbus police officer is in Atlanta hospital

Pedestrian hit by Columbus police officer is in Atlanta hospital
Otis Lockhart
Otis Lockhart

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A joint investigation is underway into an officer involved traffic accident in Columbus. It was Sunday around 12:30 a.m. when Otis Lockhart, 48, was hit by an officer while trying to cross the street to his Cusseta Road home.

"He can't move nothing but his hands, his eyes and his mouth," said Mary Lockhart, Otis' mother.

Mary Lockhart says she didn't see the accident, but family and friends who normally hang out around her house did. They tell me that Lockhart was coming from the B&F Food Store.

"The officer swerved into him and that's when he hit brakes."

The victim's nephew Broderick Lockhart says at first they all thought the officer had another car.

"I see a body lying across the street so I ran over there and flipped the body over and it was my uncle," explained Broderick.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles obtained this police incident report. It states the officer was traveling east on Cusseta Road while Lockhart was walking north and was struck by an officer in the inside eastbound lane. It also says the officer tried swerve to miss Lockhart and struck a power pole.

Lockhart's mother also showed us a citation her son was issued for walking under the influence.

Major Swiney from the Columbus police department says there was evidence of alcohol use by Lockhart. He says the specifics will be determined during their investigation.

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