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MPS losing hundreds of thousands of federal dollars

Donald Dotson looks over Title I figures. Donald Dotson looks over Title I figures.

The Montgomery Public school system is in jeopardy of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars-- the result of sequestration.

Title I money goes to schools in poverty stricken areas where families may not have as much money to contribute to the school system.

He has crunched the numbers and Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Donald Dotson,  says something will be cut.

"What we want to do is impact the classroom as less as possible."

Montgomery Public Schools will lose $700,000 dollars next year.

The budget already accounts for it. But the money supports all sorts of things.

"Pre-K program...that's funded through Title I, we have reading coaches, math coaches, after school tutorial programs."

Dotson says the goal is to keep from cutting any teachers.

But he says it's more about balancing what programs work best and which ones are less effective.

"We're just looking at it as astutely as we can to see how best we can reallocate," says Dotson.

The loss could affect student supplies like textbooks, for instance. But even this cut isn't foreign to folks like Dotson.

MPS and other school systems are used to making do with less.

"We feel good about what we're gonna present to the superintendent.  She's given us some ideas of where we want to go. We're working in that vein and we're gonna come up with something to present that will be in the best interest of our children."

Dotson says the state as a whole is losing $16-million Title I dollars.

Within MPS, schools receive a percentage of the system's total Title I funds based on need.

Programs at each school will be cut proportionately to the amount they receive.

School officials say they have not heard any talk of proration this year.

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