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Columbus teen who shot his parents receives punishment


A Muscogee County Juvenile Court judge sentenced a 15-year-old boy, Thursday, who has pleaded guilty to shooting his father and stepmother.

Judge Warner Kennon sentenced the teenage defendant to a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 5 years in a juvenile facility with an emphasis on mental health treatment.

The defendant's stepmother spoke in favor of the sentencing today, explaining that she will have physical pain for the rest of her life due to the injuries she sustained in the shooting.

"We've had struggles, but never did he show any violence.  We walked in from work and thought it would be a great day, started reading mail, then we were shot," said his stepmother.

She explained to the court that she and her husband have made attempts to get him professional psychological help, but the options to which they have access are ineffective.

"He needs something we can't provide."

The boy's father also made a statement in court, saying there was, "not even a thought in the world that this would ever happen."

Both parents have expressed that they had no conflicts with their son preceding this incident that would lead them to expect this type of reaction.

The judge explained the defendant was charged with what is known as 'designated felonies' which carry more severe penalties than ordinary felony accusations against juveniles.

The defendant, whose identity has been withheld due to his age, will have two charges of aggravated assault and illegal use of a firearm on his record.

This incident follows four previous appearances by the defendant in juvenile court on unrelated runaway and ungovernable cases.

Judge Warner said the juvenile received mental health treatment from the courts after the prior convictions but those programs have not worked.

Addressing the boy, Judge Warner said, "We need to protect the public, which includes your parents."

The judge encouraged the defendant to invest himself in the efforts to improve his mental health so that he may return as a functioning member of society after his punishment.

Police arrested the 15-year-old immediately following the April shooting which occurred at the family's house on Olde Towne Drive. 

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