Apartment complex helps students by giving away free rent

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Like many students, Allison May is working two jobs and taking a full load at Southern Union  State Community College to make ends meet.

Now she has the chance to fully experience college life by moving out of her family's home and living on her own after winning free rent for a year.

"I had actually come and toured the morning before I found out I won and I called my friend and told her I couldn't stay because I couldn't afford it and then less than eight hours later I got the call saying I won free rent," says May.

Tiger Lodge, an apartment complex near Auburn University, has committed to giving away more than $40,000 dollars in free rent to help college students.

Every Friday this summer the complex has drawn two lucky people to receive free rent for this upcoming school year.

Andrew Williams, another winner of "Free Rent Friday," is a walk-on football player for the Tigers.

He doesn't have financial aid like most athletes and fully supports himself.

Not having the added pressure of making rent every month lets Williams stay focused on and off the field.

"Anyone can think about how you can use the extra rent money, so I'm just truly blessed for this opportunity, definitely a weight lifted off my shoulders. It's something I don't have to worry about," explains Williams.

Audra Crews, an employee at Tiger Lodge, says  they understand the struggles some students face while in school and they are excited about assisting these new tenants by relieving one additional burden.

"It is really great knowing we can help students pay for their rent and actually give them the opportunity to actually step out on their own without having to worry about their parents, kind of turn a new page in their lives."

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