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Auburn apt. complex making students smile, making a difference


Two students at Auburn are smiling and here's why.

Auburn University walk-on football player Andrew Williams will be able to stay rent free for one full year at Tiger Lodge, an apartment complex about 4 miles away from campus.

"I feel blessed. I really do," said Williams.

Alison May will stay at Tiger Lodge, too, free of charge for a year.

"I was shocked when I first found out," said May.

This is all possible because of what Tiger Lodge is doing. It's called 'Rent Free Fridays.' The management of Tiger Lodge started the program this month and it works like this:

"Every time someone signs a lease or even takes a tour they get a raffle ticket and every Friday we draw two tickets and if their numbers match the raffle tickets they get to stay here for free for a year," said Audra Crews, the leasing agent for Tiger Lodge.

For Williams this is big. He'll save $300.00 a month.

"That money will help pay for books and other school supplies I need," said Williams.

Andrew Williams says this could not have come at a better time. The reason is he is carrying $17,000 in student loans and he's not on a football scholarship.

Crews admitted there is no question this is a marketing tool for Tiger Lodge but they also see it as a chance to make a difference. Students are paying big bucks today for college tuiton. Williams, for example, says he paid around $10,000 just for the spring semester when you factor in college costs. Williams hopes to earn a full football scholarship next spring. Right now Williams is a redshirt sophomore with dreams of playing in the NFL.

"We know these are tough economic times for a lot of students and this is our way of helping them out a little," Crews said.

"There is no way I could have stayed here if I had to pay," said May.

A lighter load, free rent. College is getting off to a winning start for Andrew Williams and Alison May.

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