Columbus businessman demonstrates motion tracking technology

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New gadgets come out all the time, but imagine being the first to get your hands on the latest, greatest tech toys.

That's all in a day's work for Lucas Shaffer, the owner and CEO of "Stand and Stretch", a small business in Columbus that develops websites, social media, and marketing for businesses.

Recently, Shaffer finally got "Leap Motion", which works like X-Box Kinect, tracking your hand movements above the device, displaying all that on a computer, which gives people a new way to do commands.

He's one of only 8,000 people in the nation picked to try Google Glass.

"The Google Glass that I wear has the capabilities of connecting to my cell phones through tethering, allows me to do voice commands, taking pictures, recording videos, email, and more," Shaffer told us.

These glasses allow him to easily see a small screen right in front of his eyes. Shaffer says "Google Glass" may not be available to the public until 2015, but you can buy "Leap Motion" now for $80.

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