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Day 5 of the Rodger Scales trial: Rodger Scales who?


The trial began on Monday, July 22, for Rodger Scales, one of the five men accused of pulling the trigger on the gun that ended a man's life during a robbery on November 9, 2010.

Kelley Legget was shot in the head with a 12 gauge shot gun in his apartment on 475 Old Buena Vista Road.

Relatives and friends of Cleveland and Tevin Gary, two if the five men accused of the deadly burglary, testified against Rodger Scales in Superior Court today. The group of accused killers allegedly planned the robbery inside the house of Cleveland and Tevin Gary's sister.

According to authorities, the men were trying to rob the home of women that one of the suspects sold drugs to. However, they ended up attacking the wrong house and shooting Legget to death.  

Those who took the stand today were family members and close friends of the Gary brothers, but some of the witnesses did not seem to know who Rodgers Scales was.

Defense Attorney Cynthia Lain explained that Scales was not the shooter, but the driver of the car. She says Scales was just driving the suspects around without realizing that the men were trying to commit a crime.

Lain also mentioned that witnesses told investigators the suspects were seen wearing black outfits. However, Scales was wearing jeans and a white shirt.

The trial will continue again next week.

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