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Passengers: Fuel spill at Montgomery Airport causes delays for flight


A fuel spill at the Montgomery Regional Airport led to delays at the Montgomery Airport Friday evening.

WSFA 12 News spoke with some passengers onboard a plane bound for Atlanta who say their flight was diverted to Montgomery because of inclement weather.

One passenger said the plane had to refuel and during that process, fuel spilled out of the wings. For safety reasons, the passengers were unable to leave the plane.

Passenger Lorna Mazzone said those on board were told that the plane would be towed out of the fuel spill, but said the plane, a Delta MD-88, was too large for any tug at the Montgomery Airport to pull.

"We're sitting in the middle of this fuel on the ground," Mazzone said, though passengers were told the fuel is not flammable and that there is no safety issue.

She said passengers were told they would be departing momentarily and WSFA 12 News confirmed the plane did take off around 6:35 p.m.

Airport officials confirmed the fuel spill but said there were no major issues.

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