Back-to-school vaccination isn't just for kids

Back-to-school vaccinations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While parents are making sure their kids have their pencils, notebooks and other necessary materials for school, they also have to have their children stay up to date with their vaccination.

The Columbus Department of Health is asking parents to help their children receive their shots as early as possible, and they are also telling parents that they need to be current on their vaccinations as well.

"It's best if parents take their kids to get their shots done as early as possible," Pam Fair from the Health Department said. "You have to wait in longer lines if you wait till the last minute to get their vaccination. Also, parents and college students might want to get their shots done when the young students get their vaccinations done."

Fair explains that illnesses and other diseases like whooping cough can be transmitted to children, especially infants. Thus, adults caring for young ones are strongly encouraged to stay healthy by keeping up with their vaccination.

"Even adults need to keep up with their immune system," Fair explained. "Also, paying for vaccination shots now is a lot better than having to pay for treatment or even hospitalization if one gets sick later on."

The department is offering back-to-school vaccinations along with free car booster seats for the first 50 children who get their shots done at Walmart on Buena Vista Road on August 3, 2013. The Health Department will be there from 9 AM to 7PM.

Students are required to stay up to date with their immunization record by law. Thus, the Health Department is giving out free booster seats to young children from ages 4 to 8 to encourage parents to help their kids stay healthy. The children have to weigh more than 40 pounds and have to be one of the first 50 kids who get their shots done that day in order to receive the booster seats.

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