Hardin steps down from Chamber of Commerce

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The name Becca Brown Hardin is known around the state of Georgia.

Her expertise in economic development helped put Columbus on the map landing big companies like Kia, Wellpoint and NCR, her most notable.

Executive Vice President Mike Gaymon told News Leader 9 why Hardin would be proud of the deal she helped craft with the ATM machine producer.

"She and other staff members worked out the necessary detail so that NCR could make the decision to bring their manufacturing plant from offshore back to the United States and they chose a building right here in Columbus, Georgia," Gaymon said.

The success of business growth Hardin cultivated spanned about 12 years at the Chamber during her second employment there from 2000 to this year. Her first assignment was quite different than the second.

"She became the first to head up a program called Businesses Against Drugs known as BAD.  Interestingly she became known as "Bad, Bad Becca Brown," stated Gaymon.

Gaymon also recalled how well the name fit because of Hardin's energetic style and willingness to win every business to commit to a drug-free workplace.

Hardin took on that job after completing a career as a local news personality.   But, like Gaymon, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson added losing Hardin is sad and disappointing.

"She is just phenomenal and so it will be a huge loss. We have a great team and I know everybody is going to double down and work twice as hard but there's no doubt she will be missed."

Hardin isn't leaving the field of work that has brought her so much success...she will still work in economic development, only this time for a  major construction company called Batson & Cook.

Hardin's last day at the chamber is next Wednesday.

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