Candidate search continues for new airport director

Candidate search continues for new airport director

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We have learned the search is still on for a new airport director at the Columbus Airport.

At Tuesday morning's airport commission meeting, many were expecting to learn who the new director would be.

Recently the 34 candidates have been narrowed down to four.

We spoke with Sherry Goodrum, the chairperson of the commission, who explains they are still reviewing applications, and working to make the best decision.

"For the airport to be able to move forward, for there to be some stability for our employees and also so that we can get back on to recruiting airlines to come in to Columbus -- it's just the ability for us to continue to move forward," said Sherry.

There is no set deadline on when they will choose a new director -- but they say it is definitely something that will happen this year.

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