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Infants with ear piercings: 'It's a tradition'


Internationally-known supermodel Gisele Bundchen posted a picture online of her daughter who got her ears pierced at seven months old.

Many parents were shocked to see a child so young with its ears pierced.

For this Brazilian bombshell, it's apparently part of her culture.

"I've often seen 2 month olds come in with ear piercings and it's a tradition. It's a part of the Hispanic cultural background and it's a tradition in their family and in their culture," said Dr. Kathleen Moore, a Tyler pediatrician who pierces babies' ears.

Sandra Sellers, a mother of two, got her daughter's ears pierced at 2 months old, and said she faced some minor complications.

"It was getting infected and everything. I think she had a sensitivity issue with the earrings so we just pulled them out and let it grow closed. She cried for like 10 minutes maybe and then she was fine," said Sellers.

Dr. Kathleen Moore has pierced several babies' ears and prefers babies to be 6 months old for the procedure

"At least at that time they would have had a few of their immunizations and specifically their tetanus and their hepatitis B immunizations; it is extremely unlikely that someone would get tetanus in this day and age from a piercing," said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore prefers using a gun when piercing these infants ears because it's quick, involves less bleeding and it will put the earring in its place with one puncture.

They will gently hold the baby's head down to make sure the baby doesn't move while piercing the ear.

Tips to soothe your child's ear piercing pain include Tylenol appropriate for the baby's weight, consuming sugar such as a lollipop, and sucking on a pacifier.

"It's important that the ears be cleansed, that gloves be used and the equipment be clean and the studs be sterile," said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore says she has been piercing East Texas children's ears in her office for almost 10 years.

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