Columbus hosts international blind baseball tournament

Columbus hosts international blind baseball tournament

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An international baseball tournament is happening this week in Columbus, but in this game none of the players can see the ball.

Competitors with varying levels of vision impairment all wear blindfolds and depend on their sense of hearing to guide them to the bases.

The game is balled 'Beep Baseball', named for the beeping sound the ball makes when it's being pitched.

Jimmie Burnett, a Beep Baseball player, says the game has helped him in his social life.

"Beep baseball helped me regain my confidence back getting into social situations, it helped me a lot. I've got my confidence back in walking and talking to people," he says.

Volunteers from Paws Humane are taking care of the seeing eye dogs while their owners compete in the games. It's the first time the tournament has been played in Columbus.

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